MediMAGE Reporter – Medical image tool

It is very common for doctors to generate a good amount of medical images such as ultrasound images and x-ray films during consultation. When they are generated, doctors are required to import the files to patients’ medical records manually. Not only is it time-consuming, but it also has high risks of documentation error. MediMAGE Reporter is hence developed to ease the process.

MediMAGE Reporter enables medical images to be imported directly to the patient records as they are generated. As doctors can have the patient reports prepared right after the images are taken, time is tremendously reduced. Manual mistakes could be avoided as well.

Other features of MediMAGE Reporter:

  • Generate patient reports with only a few clicks on templates
  • Support various image formats such as DICOM and JPEG
  • Show medical images directly in patient profiles instead of the file system
  • Search patient profiles accordingly by keywords
  • Update the patient database automatically upon importing new medical images

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